Digital Marketing Service by Proof Digital Consulting.

Retainer-based digital marketing management services. 

Proof Digital Consulting is now offering digital marketing service management. What does that mean? It means that you and your business will be connected directly with a digital marketing expert to help with your Search Engine Marketing, SEO, social media marketing, or even your website development. Poof Digital Consulting eliminates the middle man, so you work directly with the experts that are managing your campaign. We are more affordable and provide superior work. Oh, and when it comes to transparency, we involve you in every step so that you learn the tricks of the trade along the way. With Proof Consulting, your media budget doesn’t get spent on fancy offices or a team of newly minted college kids. It’s applied to your campaign. Work with the experts at Proof Digital Consulting.   

Website Development

Need help choosing a website platform that works for you and your business needs? Call Proof.  We can develop or help you develop a website that works..


Are you making money with your social media, or just getting likes? Are you paying too much for management? Proof can help you turn a social profit.


Are you buying ads on Google?  Are those campaigns performing? What portion of your budget is actually being spent on your business? It’s time to contact Proof Digital.


Are you spending money on SEO and not seeing an increase in page rank? Contact Proof.  We can help rank now. 


Tired of not seeing a return on your online investment? Call Proof. We can help you set up an attribution and ROI plan so you can hold your digital marketing partners accountable.


Are you wasting money buying display advertising?  What’s a good CTR, anyway? Call Proof. We can help make sure you’re not wasting money on digital display.


Need help translating reports or making sure your money is being spent correctly? Call Proof.  We speak nerd.


Want help choosing a local SEO or website vendor?  Call Proof. We can separate the pretenders from the contenders. 

Digital Marketing

Don’t see the program or product you need help with listed above?  Don’t worry, with 60+ years of digital experience on the Proof team, we’ve sold or managed about every type of technology on the market.  Call Proof.  We can help. 

Contact Proof Digital Consulting Today.

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