Proof Digital Consulting

The World’s First Pre-Pay Digital Consulting Group. 

Proof connects your business with the best and brightest digital marketing experts in the industry. For a small monthly fee, we help you translate jargon, adapt strategies, and find digital marketing success. When you’re with Proof, you have someone in your corner:  an ally to help you hold your digital marketing companies accountable. Before you buy, or commit to a long term contract, call us. 


How Does it Work?

We connect you to world-class digital marketing experts, without the commitment.

Proof has assembled a group of the smartest and most experienced digital marketing experts available within the industry to help you get a clear understanding of digital programs or products before you commit to a long term contract. We are here to help you wade through the numbers and the jargon so you get the most out of your digital marketing budget.  

How Does it Work?

Every month, you will work directly with one of our digital experts. We will help you review reports, conduct conference calls, and track your ROI, providing valuable insight when you need it.

Finally See Results.

Your assigned digital marketing expert will help you to hold your digital partners and programs accountable. We help you answer the “Is it working?” question.   

It’s Easy.

Our expertise, collaboration, and marketing support is easy to access.

Proof and its digital experts are available whenever you need us, and at the moments you need us most.   Our digital experts connect with you virtually, on a monthly basis, through simple virtual meeting software.  

Are You Ready to Proof Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Let’s make sure your business is using the right digital marketing tools, the right way. 

Proof Consulting was developed to help business owners get the most out of their digital marketing budgets.  Proof is your safety net, your unbiased partner standing by to help you pick the right digital program(s) and translate all that complex digital reporting.  

Website Development

Need help choosing a website platform that works for you and your business needs? Call proof.  We got you.


Are you making money with your social media, or just getting likes? Are you paying too much for management? Proof can help you turn a social profit.


Are you buying ads on Google? Are those campaigns performing? What portion of your budget is actually being spent on your business? It’s time to call proof.


Are you spending money on SEO and not seeing an increase in page rank? Call Proof.  We can help you fix that.


Tired of not seeing a return on your online investment? Call Proof. We can help you set up an attribution and ROI plan so you can hold your digital marketing partners accountable.


Are you wasting money buying display advertising?  What’s a good CTR, anyway? Call Proof. We can help make sure you’re not wasting money on digital display.


Need help translating reports or making sure your money is being spent correctly? Call Proof.  We speak nerd.


Want help choosing a local SEO or website vendor?  Call Proof. We can separate the pretenders from the contenders. 

Digital Marketing

Don’t see the program or product you need help with listed above?  Don’t worry, with 60+ years of digital experience on the Proof team, we’ve sold or managed about every type of technology on the market.  Call Proof.  We can help. 

Start Today and Receive the First 30 Minutes Free.

Let Proof help.  Click the button below and choose your package to get started.  If you’re not completely satisfied, then we’ll be sad, but we’ll let you go with no strings attached.